The Bible – Pt. 1

The Bible is considered to be the greatest selling book of all time. It can be read in under a year by spending just 20 minutes a day covering its pages. It has often been banned by dictatorial governments throughout the world. Missionaries to this day smuggle it into countries where they believe its truth […]

What should we believe?

When examining the historic biblical Christian faith, there is no better place to start than with what C.S. Lewis called “Mere Christianity.” Mere Christianity is that which has been believed everywhere, always, and by all.” What beliefs have Christians always held for 2,000 years? Well, here they are… I believe in God the Father, Almighty, […]

Science and Faith Pt. 2

  In reference to ‘science and faith’ we learn two very important things from the ancient creeds (getting to them below). The Creeds represent the universally agreed upon doctrines of the church. These beliefs are rooted in the apostle’s doctrine and expounded in the centuries to follow in creedal like statements. These ‘creeds’ are helpful […]

The Problem of Prejudice

Prejudice is a bad thing. Most people should agree on that. However, the problem is a problem of awareness. We are not totally aware of our own prejudices. There are ways of overcoming this. Tests which weigh our individual perceptions may help. Self-reflection is a very powerful tool as well. The reason we need to […]

Science and Faith – Pt. 1

In my Christian life there have been numerous topics that come up for discussion. One of the most brought up, questioned, and wondered about topics that I have participated in with others has been ‘science and faith.’ There are all sorts of questions that relate to this discussion. In the last year I have sat […]

Animated Movies and Zootopia

                I enjoy watching animated movies for several reasons. First, I enjoy technology. Animated movies take good sized teams of people with cutting edge equipment. They literally have computer farms to process all of the data the animators create. Second, I enjoy them because of the story’s they tell. Animation has the power of translating […]