7 Minute Seminary – Easter Morning

A great training resource comes largely out of the Seminary I attend. Asbury Theological Seminary created what they call the 7 Minute Seminary. Experts on numerous subject answer a given question and the rule is to finish in about 7 minute. Here is the YouTube link to their videos (tons of them). https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1CBE0DD656B9BC0F I am […]

The Bible: My New Old Topic

The Bible is considered to be the greatest selling book of all time. It can be read in under a year by spending just 20 minutes a day covering its pages. It has often been banned by dictatorial governments throughout the world. Missionaries to this day smuggle it into countries where they believe its truth […]

The Game of Telephone and the Bible

Remember the game of telephone? A group of young people ‘circle up’ on the floor awaiting the beginning message. The leader of the group begins by whispering a message into the ear of the closest person. When the message gets around the whole circle, it has usually changed, even dramatically. The point of the game […]

Is Lent a Catholic Thing

Is Lent a Catholic Thing This question/thought has come my way a number of times this year from people inside and outside our church. I thought I would use this newsletter to cover it. Lent was not something started by Jesus and the Apostles. It was a season started perhaps in the 3rd or 4th century, but […]

The Apostles Creed Today

Apostles Creed and Today The Apostles Creed is a developed set of beliefs which were born out of the Scriptures and the early Christian community’s witness of Christ. The Bible is the inspired word of God and creeds are brief statements of what the Scriptures teach. These statements are not new. Take for instance the […]