Skeptical Christmas Overview and Thanks

Personally, I could not have asked for a better Christmas here at church. Our three services were in numerous ways, full of meaning. Moreover, we were able to celebrate Christmas as one big family. Even more, since we titled this a Skeptical Christmas, I was happy to meet and hear of skeptics joining our ranks […]

Catholic – Protestant – Scripture Interpretation Part 2

Catholic Apologists and faithful point out that they have a hierarchy that helps decide which interpretation is correct. And, given the doctrine of Papal Infallibility, they further point out that their interpretations on certain passages and doctrines are the right ones. Moreover, that somehow this then protects them from grave error. How should Protestants think […]

Catholic – Protestant Scripture Interpretation

One of the regular challenges to Protestantism from Catholic Apologists and faithful, is that Protestantism is hopeless when it comes to Scripture interpretation. At some level, there is ‘some truth’ to this. I have seen through the years numerous protestants stand on a peripheral issue as if they are defending Christ himself. Moreover, I have […]

Roman But Not Catholic – Who Gave us the Bible?

One of the ‘big points’ that Catholic Apologists make has to do with Protestants having no infallible table of contents to figure how which books are in the Bible. Catholic Apologists regularly make the point ‘how can Protestants hold to their principle of Sola Scriptura when trying to figure out which books were supposed to […]