Discerning ‘Discernment’

I received an email a while back asking this question. I am rephrasing it a little bit. “In the Charismatic Church (and sometimes elsewhere), Christians sometimes interpret all bad events (weather, illnesses, etc.) as being from the Enemy/Devil/Demons and all good events (good parking spaces, good vibes etc) as being from the Lord. Is this […]

Roman But Not Catholic – Tradition Round 1 – Book Review

In Chapter 2, titled “Tradition and Traditions” Collins writes well to critique both the Protestant and Catholic sides of this discussion. I highly recommend this chapter. My own view, is something similar to the authors and therefore will expound my own view below, although their way of explaining it is a bit different. I myself […]

Roman But Not Catholic – Book Review – Part 2

“Roman But Not Catholic” is a great book. I love Catholics and I think that they are Christians. For they confess the main beliefs of the faith every single Sunday (The Apostles Creed).  Some people may wonder why then was a book like this one written. For the most part, the book was written as […]

Roman But Not Catholic – Part 2 – What We All Have in Common

The authors (Collins and Walls) point out, that even though this book is mostly on the differences between Catholics and Protestants, the truth is that there are monumental similarities in the essentials of the faith. The major difference however, is that the Roman Catholic Church adds a few extra ‘essentials’ that have not typically been […]

Roman But Not Catholic – Part 1

I could not be more excited about a book! Roman But Not Catholic, is a book co-authored by one of my professors. This book is meant to examine the issues that still divide Catholics and Protestants. It also seeks to be ecumenical in the true sense of the word. And finally, it is meant to […]