A Celebration of Women

Since it was Mother’s Day, I thought I would highlight some of the women in the Bible. This is by no means an exhaustive list. 1.       Mary the Mother of Jesus: Jesus’ mother is not just considered a mom, although that role was incredibly important. She is also considered a great example of faith. She is the […]

Another Look at Eden

The Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve are often idealized. They are seen with all the glory of heavenly perfection by much of Western Christianity. However, there are difficulties to seeing Eden as a perfect place as well as seeing Adam and Eve as being perfectly made. If everything was perfect, how does sin […]

All The Truth

One’s heart and soul desire truth for the order, clarity, and beauty it offers. Truth is desirable, for an accepted lie makes a fool. Since false options are ever present, truth is admirable since it holds its own in any arena. Most of us would not know it though, for given the positions people hold […]

7 Minute Seminary – Easter Morning

A great training resource comes largely out of the Seminary I attend. Asbury Theological Seminary created what they call the 7 Minute Seminary. Experts on numerous subject answer a given question and the rule is to finish in about 7 minute. Here is the YouTube link to their videos (tons of them). I am […]

The Bible: My New Old Topic

The Bible is considered to be the greatest selling book of all time. It can be read in under a year by spending just 20 minutes a day covering its pages. It has often been banned by dictatorial governments throughout the world. Missionaries to this day smuggle it into countries where they believe its truth […]