The Happy Atheist

The words “Happy Atheist” come across much in atheist literature and conversations. In part, the point is to prove that 1) An atheist can be happy without God 2) That not all atheists fit the old stereotype of angry and mad at God. There is also sort of a PR battle that takes place when […]

Ad Fontes Part 2

A couple blogs ago, I wrote about the need to “get back to the sources.” In this case to the various sources of truth. In the history of Christianity, all four of the sources have played a role in the discovery and appropriation of truth. More importantly, the call to ‘all four’ of the sources […]

Missions and Muslims

In the video link below, my Muslim friend Nazam Guffoor outdid a Christian who was trying to witness to him. We have to give the Christian credit for being willing to converse with others about his faith, but he was so ill prepared. The Christian was left scratching his head and looking a bit foolish. […]

Ad Fontes – Of a Different Kind

Ad Fontes is the call of “back to the sources.” It challenges us to read again whatever piece of literature we may find valuable in order to think about it rightly. I think as Christians this is very important to understanding the Bible as well as many early documents that inform the Christian mind. However, […]

Nuance is a Good Thing … Sort of

This last week I spent a week in a class called “Muslim People’s and Missions.” The class was at Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky. Since there are 1.8 Billion Muslims in the world right now, I thought it would be incredibly valuable to understand Islam from their own sources.                 The class had a great […]